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Are you starting your day with this simple fix..?

A simple ritual for more beautiful skin

Many foods undermine our beauty and health however on the other side of the coin there are lots of foods that nourish us and keep our skin looking beautiful. Lemons are one of these foods and this is why...

The first step to having gorgeous skin is to have great digestion. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you won’t absorb the nutrients unless your digestion is working efficiently.

A lovely ritual to help digestion is to begin your day with the juice of half a lemon in a cup of warm water. It is such a simple and yet effective way to prepare your body to digest your most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Lemon helps your liver eliminate toxins, keeping your skin clearer and smoother. They are also high in vitamin C, a vital anti-oxidant and important nutrient for collagen, our anti-wrinkle fibre.

Lemons are a great source of phosphorus (required for a healthy nervous system, brain repair and memory) and sodium, helping eliminate wastes and prevent hardened arteries and arthritis.

Externally, lemon juice works by keeping your skin acidic, which your skin loves but nasty bacteria hate. The juice acts as a natural antiseptic to ‘dab’ on pimples or any other minor skin infection.

So enjoy your cup of lemon water and bestow a healthy body and beautiful skin.

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