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Intuitive Skin Therapy

Specialised Skin Health Facials, FaceUp™ Method Provider ~ Facial Sculpting and Buccal Massage

Medical Grade Facials,  Dermaplaning & Relaxation Massage Treatments

​At Room of Beauty our passion is treating skin!  Our treatments are a bespoke high-touch skin therapy experience, combining results with relaxation, uniquely curated to treat your individual needs.

Holistic Skin Therapy Facial Treatments

Our facials are designed to guide your skin into balance working to detoxify, restore, rejuvenate and repair the skins natural protective barrier, whilst indulging your senses in luxury and relaxation.

After your initial consultation we carefully curate a mix of the finest organic active botanical skin care specially selected for your skin. Using JANESCE Skincare Solutions, we incorporate customised botanical actives, intensive masks and our signature therapeutic facial massage designed specifically to manually lift, stimulate blood flow, collagen and elastin and improve the tone and firmness of the skin.

We craft personalised skin care plans and offer internal dermo-nutrition and wellness recommendations to promote your journey to achieve healthy, clear and glowing skin that will truly transform your skin story.

FaceUp™ Method

Facial Sculpting and Buccal Massage

FaceUp Method | Facial Sculpting and Buccal Massage

An instant Facial Rejuvenation Treatment designed to Lift, Tone, Sculpt & De-puff the facial contours.

FaceUp™ Sculptural Facial


FaceUp™ Sculpting Method is a holistic Facial Rejuvenation Treatment using a fusion of advanced deep tissue Facial Sculpting techniques that work on specific muscles in the face, neck, head and decolletage area.

This specialised treatment dissolves muscle and fascia tension, creating flow within the lymphatic system releasing stagnated fluid retention to decongest and de-puff resulting in lifted, defined facial contours and leaving a glowing complexion.

A wellbeing experience that lifts and tones the facial contours, stimulates collagen & elastin reduces puffiness and addresses postural related areas affecting the face, leaving you with a boost of energy.

Facial Sculpting and Buccal Massage

75 min - $230

Buccal Massage (intra-oral) incorporated into your Sculptural Facial experience allows us to release muscle tension from the inside out (inside of the mouth). Buccal massage gives an incredible release through the jaw, cheeks, nasal fold smile lines, and lower face areas bringing fresh oxygenated blood into the area plumps the facial tissues.

Sculpt & Glow add-on

30 min – $69

The ultimate Glow-Up to your Sculptural Facial Experience.

Add-on a fruit enzyme exfoliation and customised mask treatment to enhance your glowing results + enjoy extra touch therapy massage while the mask nourishes and hydrates.

Janesce Skin Health Facials

Express Facial | 40min


A perfect express skin "pick me up" designed to boost and rebalance the skin. Includes aromatic warm towel compresses, cleansing, oxygen, hydration infusion + indulgent shoulder massage and a signature mask designed to smooth and restore skin to a healthy glow.

Glow Facial | 1hr


Our Glow Facial experience is tailored to your skins needs using a combination of techniques including aromatic warm towel compresses with deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, oxygen, hydration infusions, intensive customised mask + our signature facial massage designed to lift, firm and tone. This facial will bring renewed radiance and glow to your skin.

Janesce Signature Bespoke Facial | 1hr 15min


Our Signature facial treatment is a bespoke blend of the best! Designed exclusively for your skin's needs to evoke luminosity and health in your skin.

We begin with warm aromatic towel compresses to soften and hydrate, followed by deep cleansing, oxygen, enzyme peel exfoliation to smooth and brighten skin, hydrating nutrient infusions, an intensive customised mask + our signature facial massage combined with specific pressure points, lymph drainage and cold stones that all work to relieve facial stress, tension and fatigue, leaving your skin rejuvenated, lifted and glowing.

Relaxation Facial | 1hr 30min


Designed to rejuvenate and restore radiance, you will be immersed in a total sensory journey with this ultimate facial indulgence. Commencing with a back massage to induce you into relaxation, your treatment will then flow into a facial treatment designed just for you and tailored to your skins needs. Using a combination of techniques including deep cleansing to detoxify and remove impurities, oxygen, enzyme exfoliation, organic nutrient infusions, intensive customised mask + our signature facial massage combined with a pressure point and lymphatic drainage treatment designed to de-puff, lift, firm and tone the facial muscles.

Luxury Slow Beauty Facial | 1hr 20min


Our Luxury Slow Beauty Facial takes relaxation to the next level.

Best described as our "mindfulness" facial, this treatment is performed with defined slow, therapeutic massage throughout the entire treatment to send you into deep relaxation. Your skin will be immersed in botanical therapy using the Janesce Solutions Anti-Aging range - an antioxidant feast for the skin!

You will be treated to signature sensory experiences throughout this treatment...  We begin with a warm compress, followed by gentle cleansing, aromatic skin soaking, an enzyme peel to smooth and refresh the skin. Active serums and concentrates are infused under a herbal enriched steam to hydrate and oxygenate. Warmed Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil is then slowly brushed over the face and neck, an experience not to be missed!  A slow facial massage will completely relax you and prepare your skin for a botanical facial mask blended especially for your skins needs. While the mask works its magic, you will be treated to a soothing shoulder massage.  And, just when you think it's all over, the mask is removed with a hot compress and you are treated to a final massage of anti-aging finishing serums and lotions and a scalp massage to complete the experience.

HydroJelly Mask add-on


Customised Esthemax HydroJelly Masks are boosted with pure hydrating algae, nourishing actives and electrolyte technology that infuse superior hydration into the skin to help increase the skin's ability to retain moisture, restoring the protective barrier and optimise healthy skin function.

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Clinical Skin Peel Treatments

Your step towards skin correction

O Cosmedics Skin Treatments Beauty Salon in Palm Springs, Papamoa

Customised dermal peel treatments designed to transform the skin and achieve cell optimisation, using medical strength blends of fruit enzymes, vitamin C, peptides, retinol, niacinamide, reservatrol and powerful antioxidants that work skin deep to treat the five major causes of ageing.

These treatments work to return skin to its normal function, tackling wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation, acne and congestion offering intense skin changing results, skin health and radiance.

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Clinical Skin Peel 

45 min (allow 1hr) - $130 / $145

Each customised peel treatment includes deep cleanse, exfoliation and a lush Alginate Rubber Mask is applied post peel to instantly cool and nourish skin while you enjoy a shoulder and scalp massage.

*As your skin therapist, I will select the appropriate peel for your skins needs on the day.

Lymphatic Facial Massage add-on


A therapeutic Lymphatic Facial Massage treatment combining pressure points, lymphatic drainage with gua sha facial stones and chill globes to lift and tone facial muscles and reduce puffiness.  A perfect add-on to help cool the skin post peel.

Dermaplaning / Skin Levelling

Dermaplaning / Epidermal Skin Levelling is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis (top layer of the skin) eliminating dead skin cells and minor surface imperfections and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) on the face. 

This non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment is designed to make skin feel smoother, and to appear healthier and more youthful while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

It is a great treatment for those who have excess vellus hair on the face, as the hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair results in a brighter, healthier looking skin and is the perfect treatment to achieve a pre-event glow, makeup will glide on easily and flawless.

Dermaplaning does not affect the actual hair follicle or growth, therefore hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.

Full Face

Allow 1 hour - $90
Includes: Cleanse, prep, dermaplane and aftercare.

Resurfacing Facial Treatment

Allow 1 hour 30min - $145
Includes: Cleanse, dermaplane full face, enzyme exfoliation treatment, hydration infusion, lymphatic facial massage, vitamin infused mask treatment, neck and shoulder massage + aftercare.

PRIN Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy by PRIN is a specialised tightening treatment mask that stimulates and clears out blockages in the lymphatic system of the face and neck, eliminating toxins and impurities from the skin promoting a clear glowing complexion.

Lymphatic Therapy is an ideal treatment for congested or breakout / acne prone skins + mature/premature aging, devitalised, dehydrated skin or for a pre-event skin booster.

The Lymphatic Therapy Mask works by applying transient pressure to the skin to assist with activating these processes, in turn increasing circulation producing a plasma effect, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage creating a healthy environment for skin cells to flourish!

This treatment works to detoxify, plump and hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and firm facial muscles.

Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Facial Treatment

There are 2 options for this treatment Level 1 & Level 2.  Mask process time is 45mins, during this time you will enjoy a relaxation hand and foot massage.

Level 1 | 75min


Includes:  Deep Cleanse + Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Mask + Hand and Foot massage + Hydration infusions to finish.

Level 2 | 90min


Includes: Deep Cleanse + Enzyme Peel + Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Mask + Hand and Foot massage + Lymphatic Facial Massage + Hydration infusions to finish.

Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Beauty Salon in Palm Springs, Papamoa
Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Beauty Salon in Palm Springs, Papamoa
Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Beauty Salon in Palm Springs, Papamoa
Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Beauty Salon in Palm Springs, Papamoa

Skin Health Consultations

Hands on Skin Consultation

60min - $105

Our Hands on Skin Consultation is the perfect starting point if you are needing guidance with your skins own unique requirements.

Your current skincare routine, concerns and skin goals will be discussed in detail. 

After an in-depth skin consultation you will enjoy a "Mini Facial" including: Deep Cleanse, nutrient infusion and a nourishing facial massage.

You will receive a personalised at-home skincare plan with nutritional and lifestyle advice to start your journey to renewed skin health.  

Includes a complimentary Skin Health Info Pack plus receive 10% off your first skincare purchases over the value of $100.

Skin Analysis – Skincare Plan

30 min - $50

An indepth skin analysis + consultation addressing your skin concerns. A customised at-home skincare + treatment plan will be created for you all aimed at correcting any imbalances and enhancing your natural glow.

The consultation price is redeemable on product purchased over the value of $80.

Skin Wellness Consultation

60 min - $85

An informative consultation created just for YOU and your skin to identify the root cause of your skin challenges.

During this session we discuss contributing factors that could be fuelling your skin concerns such as:  Diet, nutrition, gut health, environmental factors, lifestyle and incorrect skincare. You will be guided on how to make positive changes on topical skincare, skin nutrition and well-being practices to support you on your skin journey.

Includes a complimentary Skin Health Info Pack plus receive 10% off your first skincare purchases over the value of $100.

Add on with any facial

Eye Brow Shape - $25
HydroJelly Mask - $25
Back Massage 30 min - $50
Extractions 15 min - $25

Relaxation Massage Treatments

Revitalising Facial Massage Treatment

60 min - $105

An incredibly relaxing treatment, designed to completely revitalise and restore vitality. Commencing with a hot towel compress and cleanse, then flowing into massage and pressure points of the shoulders, décolletage, face and scalp. Finished with botanical therapy serum infusions

Highly recommended - makes the perfect gift!

Relaxation Back Massage

30 minutes - $55
45 minutes - $70

Relaxation massage is performed to relax and relieve muscle tension.

Invigorating Head & Shoulder Massage

30 min - $55
45 min - $70

A specialised massage of the head, neck and shoulders combining massage and pressure points to relieve mental fatigue, ease stress and tension and promote clarity.

Touch Therapy 15 Minute Add Ons

15 min - $25

Customise and enhance your treatment with an extra 15 minutes of touch therapy massage.

These 15 minute treatments can be added to any standard treatment

  • Nourishing Hand massage

  • Soothing Foot Massage

  • Relaxing Aromatherapy Shoulder & Decolletage Massage

  • Stress-Relief Scalp & Forehead Pressure Point Massage

  • Cold Stone Therapy - Pressure Point & Lymphatic Facial Massage Treatment

  • Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment - Massage & Cold Stone Therapy

I can't wait to treat you!


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