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The Janesce skin care ritual

At Room of Beauty we create tailored Janesce skincare prescriptions to best suit your skin and its needs.  To achieve glowing skin your at-home skin care routine is essential to achieving results.

Below are the stages that make up the Janesce skin care ritual for morning and evening home care:


We believe in cleansing the skin only once a day at the end of the day.  This process gently removes makeup or any toxins on the skin that has built up throughout the day. 

Skin soaking is more than adequate to cleanse the skin in the morning. It is important to use a cleanser suited to your skin, we do not recommend foaming cleansers as these tend to strip the precious moisture from skin and can lead to skin irritations.

Skin soaking

The Janesce Skin Soaking ritual is a gentle way to hydrate the upper layers of your skin and offers many therapeutic benefits to the skin. Skin will appear plumper and fine lines will soften. The warm water also relaxes the pores which encourages the easy absorption of plant extracts and lotions. The fragrant botanical soaking drops and deep breathing makes this a beautiful, well-being ritual for morning and evening.

How to Soak:

Quarter fill your sink with lukewarm water.  Add 2-3 drops of Janesce Soaking Drops.  Using a soft muslin cloth, immerse the cloth in the water, squeeze any excess water from the cloth but still have it nice and wet, and press the water from your cloth into your skin. Repeat 3 times and then lock it in with moisture for this process to be effective.


Using a Janesce Floral Mist to lightly mist your skin while it is still damp assists hydration. The blend of organic herbs and floral extracts also conditions the skin.

To apply your mist, you can either spray directly onto your face (with eyes closed) after soaking, or spray onto your fingertips and press into the skin.


Janesce concentrates and serums are high-powered plant therapy. They restore, regenerate and enliven your skin. Created from organic herb and floral extracts, they naturally absorb into the layers of your skin to boost healthy skin function. They are the medicine for the skin.


This is what locks in all the moisture you have provided to the skin in the previous steps. It is essential in keeping the skin hydrated and protected.

Eye care

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and needs extra care.  The Janesce Eye Cream is formulated to hydrate and protect and contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient Eye Bright.  If you experience puffy eyes, we recommend only applying eye cream in the morning.

Sun care

Sun damage is the main cause of skin ageing.  Sunscreen must be applied every day in order to protect your skin from damaging UV rays that lead to skin aging, pigmentation and skin cancers.

We recommend the Janesce Suncare Lotion or COOLA Suncare Products to protect your skin.
Janesce Suncare Lotion is a unique blend of herbs, flower extracts and nut butter. Rich in anti-oxidants, which counteract free radicals caused by sun exposure. In addition, the shea butter acts as a natural sun filter. This product is a progressive treatment. Over time your skin will show less sensitivity to the effects of the sun, and the effect will slow premature ageing.

Apply Suncare Lotion or Sunscreen after your moisteriser and before makeup application.


We do not recommend harsh exfoliation or scrubs that disrupt the protective barrier of the skin.  When we build the strength of your skin with Janesce, skin functions well and there is less keritinisation build up, therefore the need to exfoliate becomes less.

Janesce Gentle Enzyme Peel removes dead skin cells and refreshes the skin with fruit enzymes from pineapple and papaya, together with soothing, cooling and healing herbs.  

The Janesce Gentle Clearing Wash is an extremely gentle wash to deeply cleanse, soften and remove dead skin cells. Absorbs excess oil without stripping the skin.  Excellent for healing blemishes and breakouts.  This is not recommended for Sensitive Skin.

Mask treatments

Using a Janesce Mask Treatment in your skincare routine 1 x weekly will give your skin an intensive boost.  Janesce masks are a highly active treatment to rehydrate and revitalise the skin.

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