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Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy Facial by PRIN Skincare

NO FLOW  ~  NO GLOW Why Lymphatic Therapy will bring GLOW to your skin PRIN's LYMPHATIC THERAPY facial is a tightening treatment mask designed to work with your circulatory system - an often overlooked, but vital component of skin health. This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our lymphatics, and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply....

October 6, 2020

Transform your skin with skin soaking

You can easily spot a well-maintained Janesce skin. The skin is soft, plump and radiates a beautiful, luminous glow. This trademark Janesce glow comes from a combination of powerful plant therapy, skin nutrition and wellness wisdom, but the ‘secret’ ingredient is (wait for it)…water!...

February 1, 2020

Are you starting your day with this simple fix..?

Many foods undermine our beauty and health however on the other side of the coin there are lots of foods that nourish us and keep our skin looking beautiful. Lemons are one of these foods and this is why... The first step to having gorgeous skin is to have great digestion. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you won’t absorb the nutrients unless your digestion is working efficiently. A lovely ritual to help digestion is to begin your day with the juice of half a lemon in a cup of warm water. It is...

October 15, 2019

The Janesce skin care ritual

At Room of Beauty we create tailored Janesce skincare prescriptions to best suit your skin and its needs.  To achieve glowing skin your at-home skin care routine is essential to achieving results. Below are the stages that make up the Janesce skin care ritual for morning and evening home care:...

July 6, 2018

Your evening beauty ritual

In the palm of your hand, dilute a small amount (the size of a pea) of Janesce Facial Cleanser with water and distribute over your face and neck. Remove with your Janesce Soaking Cloth and warm water....

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